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  • Today, be proud of Da Nang, the city of love! Da Nang has been an International City, so the culinary culture has quickly developed, there have appeared many Japanese, Korean and Thai restaurants … Da Nang cuisine is also more open with faster integration. Tourists traveling to Da Nang will have the perfect culinary experience like many other famous tourist cities!

  • Da Nang, where is endowed by nature with a proud long beach that attracts every tourists to the worth-living city. Since then, producing a wealth of rich seafood resources, which are processed into special dishes by top chefs in Vietnam. Little Danang is proud to bring You a space of miniature Danang, where the enchanting beauty of nature and pure delicacies converge. Come to Little Danang to share the space, stories and sip a beer with friends and relatives under the endless beauty of My Khe beach.

  • But with limited time, it is always a great barrier for tourists to discover all the enchanting maturity and rise of Da Nang. And ‘Little Da Nang’ is born to be the only rendezvous for You to feel as much as you can about Danang from breathing and relaxing in the sea air to experiencing the exquisite culinary  distilled from Japanese, Thai, Korean specialties and fresh seafood!

  • All will be grilled directly at the table, along with chilled beer stalls of most famous beer in the world! Enjoy and feel your way in Little Da Nang,a My Khe!

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